Prof. Steven Black

12th International Congress of Tropical Pediatrics

Prof. Steven Black


Doctor Steven Black received his undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry and Chemistry from the University of California Santa Barbara and his medical degree from the University of California San Diego.   

He completed a fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases at the University of California San Francisco.   He then joined Kaiser Permanente where he founded the Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Study Center.   

During his 30 year career there, he served as principal investigator for five pivotal phase III trial of pediatric vaccines, as well as multiple phase II and Phase 1 studies.   

He was a charter principal investigator with the CDC sponsored Vaccine Safety Datalink and CISA projects where he published more than 200 articles on vaccine safety and effectiveness. 

He is currently an emeritus professor at the University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Co-Director of the Global Vaccine Data Network the goal of which is to foster collaborative international evaluations of vaccine safety. He is currently a project lead in the SPEAC vaccine safety platform supporting CEPI vaccines.  

He is currently the editor in chief of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal and is an active ESPID member having joined ESPID in 1990.